Both UN experts have been murdered by Rwandese Tutsi officers within the FARDC

The Swedish Zahida Catalan has been raped and killed between Mfuamba village and the Kamponde mission!


Only two days ago, L’oeil du Patriote reported that several meetings took place with “Joseph Kabila” about finding out ways to cover up the dual assassination of UN experts in Kasaï.

Today, sources of the Congolese Resistance operating within the civil and military special services, and “Joseph Kabila”s cabinet, have confirmed to us the execution of the American Michael Sharp and the Swedish Zahida Catalan, by Rwandese Tutsi commanding officers operating within the FARDC, in Kasaï. The two experts have been separated by their executioner. Miss Zahida Catalan had been raped by a “cohort” of Rwandese soldiers wearing FARDC’s uniforms before being executed between Mfuambavillage and the Kamponde mission. Whereas the American Michael Sharp, had been executed in Kamponde high school by a Tutsi commanding officer named Kito KOREWATAKA, known by his troop as “Commandant Kito”.

We shall release the serial number of his plaque in FARDC soon.He is in charge of the Rwandese brigade, “the death squad”, currently “on mission” in Kasaï to achieve the genocide plan, under the misleading pretext to fight the alleged “rebels” of Kamwina Nsapu.

Both UN experts gathered evidence on the wide extent of the Congolese massacres, but also tangible evidence involving the undisputed responsibility of “Joseph Kabila” and both Rwandese political and military authorities at the highest level. The gathered pieces of information by the two experts were sufficient proofs for the UN to take “Kabila” and “Kagame” to court for Crimes against humanity. Therefore, as soon as “Joseph Kabila” heard of it, he informed Paul Kagame, who immediately sent James Kabarebe in Kinshasa to take actions and nip the issue in the bud. Today we know what happened next!

According to our sources, Congolese special services, under Rwandese commanding officers, are working hard to make sure the dead bodies of the two UN experts are never found. Those responsible for the crime are avoiding an autopsy, in case a post mortem examination is carried out it would reveal some aggravating circumstance causing the death of the two experts. Both Rwandese and Congolese special services are working to cover their tracks and hide the facts by incriminating the Lulua people, particularly the Kamwina Nsapu militia, so they can be seen as “negative forces” operating in DRC.

But an unusual and quite worrying event retained the attention of the Congolese patriots within AG Kalev’s acquaintances in the ANR: the new Special Representative of the Secretary General of the United Nations in DRC appointed in October 2015 to replace the Dutch Martin Kobler, the Nigerian Mama Sambo Sidikou, might have been discreetly informed of the death of the two experts by “Joseph Kabila” who sent immediately two executives of the ANR/Lubumbashi to deliver the news and at the same time requested her silence until the public announcement of the official version to be released by the government!

Why this special arrangement and secret agreement between “Kabila” and Mama Sambo Sidikou? In exchange for what? Our sources are assiduously investigating the effectiveness of the matter.

We will soon get back to this.

Why both UN experts were executed by Rwandese Tutsi murderers?

The operation was thoughtfully planned by the Rwandese General James Kabarebe’s experts. It started by the the release of video footage, obviously filmed by Rwandese Tutsi military experts in charge of the operation, then they caused the information leakage themselves for two specific reasons:

–       To exonerate Rwandese Tutsi from criminal liability of genocide planned and started in the Grand Kasaï. The staging aims to incriminate Congolese soldiers for all the crimes committed in Kasaï. Just as they are doing in Kivu for 21 years currently. The Rwandese strategy is to make believe to the world that what is happening in Kasaï is between Congolese. So under the excuse of a “rebellion of the Kamwina Nsapu disproportionately punished by Congolese soldiers” the genocide of Congolese people by Rwandese Tutsi would naively be seen as a civil war. A successful strategy isn’t changed!

–       But the truth lies elsewhere. The macabre staging of the video footage is the work of “Kabila” and James Kabarebe under Paul Kagame’s authority to cover up for the planned mass killing committed by the Rwandese! This is the truth that the two young Swedish and American experts found out at the cost of their life. The world should naively continue to believe in interethnic wars in DRC. The Tutsi lobby could not take a chance with an information leakage!

But all networks of the Resistance have been mobilizing around the matter that exposes the hegemonic and extremist Tutsi’s modus operandi in DRC, and what is constantly denounced to the world by the leader of the APARECO. We will release very soon additional information and our analysis on Rwandese Tutsi ‘strategies of the current genocide in the Grand Kasaï.

The APARECO invites all Congolese people to stop being entertained by the Chicken Dance performed by Congolese politicians to satisfy their own ambitions through alleged negotiations and signing of agreements…! Because while Congolese people are focused on this political class and political elite comprador, our enemies are planning our extermination to take over our lands!

Paris, 26rd of March 2017

Candide OKEKE


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Experts de l’ONU disparus en RDC : au moins deux corps découverts dans le centre du pays

Trois corps selon le gouvernement congolais – deux selon les Nations unies -, ont été retrouvés lundi 27 mars près de la rivière Moyo, au Kasaï central. Deux experts de l’ONU pour la RD Congo, Michael Sharp et Zaida Catalán, avaient disparu à proximité de ce cours d’eau le 12 mars.

Trois corps ont été découverts hier a déclaré ce mardi 28 mars à Jeune Afrique le porte-parole du gouvernement congolais, Lambert Mende. « Le commissaire provincial de la police de Kananga nous a fait rapport lundi soir de la découverte de deux corps à la peau blanche et d’un à la peau noire, à proximité de la rivière Moyo, sur l’axe Bukonde-Tshimbulu », a-t-il ajouté.

C’est dans cette zone qu’avaient disparu, le 12 mars, deux experts de l’ONU en RD Congo, l’Américain Michael Sharp et la suédoise Zaida Catalán, ainsi que leurs quatre accompagnateurs congolais. Parmi ces derniers se trouvaient Betu Tshintela, un interprète, et Isaac Kabuayi, un chauffeur de moto, ainsi que deux chauffeurs de moto non identifiés, selon l’ONG Human rights watch.

Un porte-parole du secrétariat général de l’ONU a pour sa part confirmé à Jeune Afrique la découverte de « deux corps par un bataillon de la Monusco [Mission de l’ONU en RD Congo] dans la zone où l’on recherchait les deux experts disparus ». « Des analyses légistes sont en cours et nous ne pouvons pas encore confirmer leur identité » a-t-il ajouté, mais « nous avons informé les familles, le Conseil de sécurité ainsi que les gouvernements congolais, américains et suédois de la découverte ».

« Forte probabilité »

Quelques heures plus tôt, John Sharp, le père de Michael Sharp, avait indiqué sur Facebook : « Nous avons été informés que deux corps caucasiens ont été trouvés dans des tombes peu profondes dans la zone de recherche, un homme et une femme ».

« Il y a une forte probabilité que ces corps soient ceux de [Michael] et Zaida, poursuivait-il. Des fiches dentaires et des échantillons d’ADN vont être utilisés pour confirmer les identités. Cela va prendre un peu de temps ».

La Mission de l’ONU en RD Congo (Monusco) s’est refusée à tout commentaire à ce stade

« Aucun autre étranger n’a été porté disparu dans la région », a précisé Lambert Mende.

La découverte a été faite par la police congolaise, a encore affirmé le porte-parole du gouvernement congolais, ajoutant qu’il ne savait pas à ce stade si les corps portaient des marques de violences. « Le commissaire provincial n’est pas encore sur les lieux. Il est parti de Kananga, qui est à environ 120 kilomètres de la zone », a-t-il expliqué.

La Mission de l’ONU en RD Congo (Monusco) s’est refusée à tout commentaire à ce stade. Le 15 mars, Son chef, Maman Sidikou, avait déclaré qu’il y aurait « des conséquences sérieuses […] si par malheur, il [arrivait] quelque chose » aux deux experts.


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