BREAKING NEWS/ DRC: UN expert, Zaida Catalan might be decapitated by Rwandese soldiers within the FARDC!


Panic in Kinshasa : UN expert, Zaida Catalan might be decapitated by Rwandese soldiers within the FARDC !


“Kabila” in panic sends She Okitundu in Russia and multiplies meetings to incriminate members of the Kamwina Nsapu militia


Reliable sources close to “Joseph Kabila” report a panic atmosphere around the Rwandese impostor these last days. This fearful atmosphere comes from the murder of the Swedish UN expert Zaida Catalan, by Rwandese armed forces operating under FARDC’s uniforms. The news was discretely confirmed to “Kabila” by his Tutsi network within the FARDC. First he ordered to restrain the freedom of movement of the MONUSCO, who had intensified their research in Kasaï-Central, to find the two missing UN experts. The MONUSCO must not find out the truth prior to the staging. Meanwhile, “Kabila” multiplies meetings with his “experts” to set the scene in order to make the Kamina Nsapu militia reliable for that despicable murder. But “Kabila” and his crew had bumped into a great difficulty: Zaida Catalan, might have been murdered in Tshimbulu, a region under the control of Rwandese troop within the FARDC!

Sensing a sharp reaction from Donald Trump’s United States, “Kabila” has instructed She Okitundu, his Foreign Affairs Minister, to go in Moscow to “negotiate” Vladimir Poutine’s “protection” through Russia’s vote in case of sanctions against the regime of Kinshasa by the United Nations Security Council. Therefore, She Okitundu will be the first RDC’s Foreign Affairs Minister in office on an official visit in Moscow, and is currently in Russia, after many setbacks in New-York.

Let us remind ourselves that the second hostage and UN expert, Michael Sharp, is an American citizen. Although his fate is still unknown to this day, Kinshasa fears Trump’s reaction to the official announcement of the Swedish expert’s execution. According to private statements made in “Kabila” network, Zaida Catalan’s fate was already settled to death due to the truths she found out about the mass killings committed by Rwandese military troops within the FARDC, and operating under “Kabila”s orders. The last message she posted on her Twitter account trough her cell phone speaks volume on her findings: “Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth”!

The government attitude already expresses the absence of serenity in this matter. It is surprising that “Kabila” and his Rwandese crew, allows the MONUSCO to move around freely in Kivu, which happened to be far more troubled, and forbid the same MONUSCO to deploy in a safer region in Kasaï to bring back the missing experts.

L’oeil du Patriote warned the Congolese opinion of the extension of the genocide in Kasaï and “Kabila”s aim to target Westerners, and therefore force them to opt out, in order for him to achieve his macabre plan.

“Kabila” proceeds step-by-step in his arm wrestling with the Western world: He first began with the mass grave of Maluku, after the Westerners outcries and gesticulations, he moved forward to the September ultimatum to start the elections process, both the Westerners and Congolese political class gabbled and cackled without taking any actions!  He withstood them until the 19th of September and the Western countries finally set back asking Congolese politicians to negotiate his keeping in office along with them. Now that he tackled the physical safety of the westerners, he is watching their reaction, what will happen? Let’s wait and see!

L’oeil du Patriote is following closely the developments of the situation, because the matter is part of a well-constructed plan of the Tutsi-power to extend the Congolese genocide in Kasaï. Unfortunately, many other regions of the country are next. No one will be spared in DRC if we don’t take actions now! 

This is the reason the APARECO thinks that it is more than time for all Congolese to go beyond their disagreements and stand together as one against the common threat facing the entire nation.

We will get back to this…


Paris, 23rd of March 2017

Candide OKEKE




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